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Get your chambers BUZZING with

Welcome to LocumBee, the UKs leading chambers administration system

Recently created by the ImpaX Systems team after 6 years of experience in running and managing Freelance GP Chambers. We are so passionate about chambers that we are now making our bespoke software LocumBee available to anyone who wants to set up their own chambers. We already have groups in Leeds, Hull, York, Manchester, Cumbria, Nottingham, The North East and Barnsely and interest is growing all the time

LocumBee Practices

If you are a practice then why not register with LocumBee, our system is free to use for practices.
Consider it a FreeBee.


LocumBee Chambers

Our bespoke management software brings everything together into one administration system. One person can now manage the jobs of 3 or 4 people comfortably.


LocumBee Doctors

Whatever your reasons- portfolio working, flexibility for family, winding down for retirement or just trying to find the right place for you – why not be part of a chambers?


Medical Chambers have been in existence for over 10 years now, originally developed on the Barrister’s Chambers model they have grown and evolved over the years and are now being established all over the country. Working in teams, we know, helps doctors to manage their professional development and revalidation so being part of a Chambers makes perfect sense and also helps lessen the problems associated with working in isolation. There are now many examples of doctors with portfolio careers and a Chambers can help to support this way of working by providing the flexibility needed.

We know that GP practices prefer doctors from chambers. The practice managers can be confident that they not only have the administrative back up to make things function smoothly but that they are also getting excellent doctors. Regular meetings ensure that all chambers doctors are supported by their peers in their professional development and learning and this keeps them in touch with new developments in both local and national guidance.

LocumBee brings all these elements together, the doctors, the practices and the chambers administration team. Thich allows all functions of chambers to run smoothly, the practices have just one access point for lots of doctors and the doctors can access lots of work through numerous practices.

Join our growing teams across the country, set up an account today on LocumBee to see which chambers are operating in your area.
Contact us for more information on how LocumBee could work for you