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LocumBee Chambers

Thinking of setting up a chambers?

Already running a chambers but want something more?

Does this sound familiar?
Your members’ calendars are getting too complicated.
Practice requests are getting lost in my email inbox.
I am not sure if our members are up to date with their certification.
Pension forms are sometimes going astray.

Get your chambers buzzing with LocumBee.

Our bespoke  management software  brings everything together into one administration system.  One person can now manage the jobs of 3 or 4 people comfortably. Your can monitor and grow your chambers steadily using LocumBee to take the strain.

It is not expensive to run a chambers.  Apart from an initial set up fee payments for the use of LocumBee are based on your chambers activity so you are never out of pocket.  If you want someone to run your administration team as well then we can do that too.

Please contact us to find out more.

These chambers are already buzzing with LocumBee

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